Chromate passivation of aluminum

Trivalent chromium and fluorozirconate treatments

Chromate passivation is a process that protects the surface of aluminium against the effects of weathering, whilst preserving its high electrical conductivity. The process can be performed on any aluminum alloy and is particularly suitable for small parts and metal structures up to 3 metres in length.

Trivalent chromium

Trivalent chromium passivation is suitable for all kinds of aluminum and has a variety of applications. A film of trivalent chromium is formed on the surface of the component; the treatment does not alter the characteristics of the metal and helps maintain its electrical resistance.


Fluorozirconate passivation is a chemical surface treatment for aluminum that deposits a chemically-anchored coating on aluminium parts, consisting of zirconium oxides and polymer resins. The treatment increases corrosion resistance and paint adhesion to high quality standards.


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