Galvanic inspections

Support for galvanic processes

Galvanica Italia srl offers a technical support service for metal processes before, during and after the treatment. We carry out inspections to assist with a variety of galvanic treatments:


  • visual inspection of materials: we notify customers of any defects that we detect that could adversely affect the functioning of the component following treatment, and agree corrective action;
  • checks on the accuracy of documentation (designs, specifications for treatment, etc.);
  • compilation of a work sheet to identify the part and the process required and describe the main phases of the process, including thermal tests and inspections relating to the procedure to be carried out for the treatment required.
  • delivery of materials and related documentation to the relevant production line: the operator stamps or signs the corresponding worksheet against the corresponding phase on completion;
  • inspection of the various parameters (thickness, adhesion, any thermal tests and final visual inspections): the inspector stamps or signs the worksheet against the corresponding test on completion;
  • packaging according to instructions outlined in the appropriate procedure to ensure the part remains intact during transport.
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