Metal polishing

Metal polishing for business and private customers

metal polishing

Our Rome-based workshop provides various metal finishing treatments for both business and private customers, whether for large quantities of parts for industry or just a few items. The treatments we offer include metal polishing, which involves an initial roughing of the surface to remove manufacturing imperfections, followed by precision grinding then final buffing to eliminate all signs of the grinding.



Satinising produces the typical matt effect that is often preferred to the classic polished or chromed effect. Unlike other processes, satinising is done after the abrasion phase by using Scotch Brite to produce the desired satin finish; a final-stage treatment with special rotating brushes for buffing the metal.



Sandblasting is a mechanical process for cleaning the surface of steel by abrasion with a jet of metal pellets. This process removes all residue left behind by other processes and is mainly used to prepare surfaces for painting or application anti-corrosion coatings.

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